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the Music knows something I don't know

she's the smoke, she's dancing fancy pirouettes

Kazuki Hihara
12 December 1989
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Player's Name/Alias: Otter, Otterbeans, Otterpants, Otterpops, Ottertarts… Whatever else you think is catchy.
Player's Personal LJ: themodestotter
AIM/Email: Malleable Ink / themodestotter@gmail.com
Timezone: US Central

Character's Name: Kazuki Hihara (If you’re going to be English about it)
Series/Fandom: La Corda d’Oro
Original/Alternate: Original Universe

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Kazuki’s most striking features are his grassy green hair and his amber colored eyes, which are both natural. In his world, this is not uncommon, but might stand out in the garden. Otherwise, he’s about the average height for his age, and a little bit on the lean side. His street clothes are exactly that, street clothes. Tennis shoes, jeans or cargo pants, printed tees and a variety of hoodies. Usually he wears a wristband or other accessory of some sort, but doesn’t go too overboard with it. He likes to play with his hair, sometimes it will be pulled back into a small ponytail, sometimes he will gel his bangs out of his face, sometimes clips will keep it into place, et cetera.

Personality: Kazuki is very straightforward with his feelings, to the point of wearing his heart on his sleeve. He doesn’t always understand what is going on in his heart, but it always shows in one form or another. Usually, though, he is very cheerful and kind hearted. His greatest joy in life is making other people happy. If you’re in a pickle, he’ll give as much encouragement and support as he can.

His biggest weakness would be that he’s a bit of a bumbler and slightly immature for his age. People who don’t understand him probably wouldn’t take him seriously. Also, when someone close to him is sad, he tends to fall into a depression until they feel better, if ever. He’s slow to realize his own feelings.

Skills and Abilities: Kazuki’s biggest talent is his phenomenal skill with the trumpet. So much so, he was chosen to represent his instrument in a musical contest, held school wide in his academy for musical arts. Also, he’s fairly athletic, having been in track and field. He still wakes up early every morning to run.

Personal Belongings: One silver trumpet, in a black case, along with a book of his favorite scores. On the page that starts Gavotte, he has taped an old bandage with a girly red design.

Duelist Weapon: A thick silver sword, bastard length, which bells out at the end. From hilt to tip, the mid of the sword has been removed, to reduce weight. The hilt is also silver, and the grip is black leather. It is accompanied with a black leather sheath that properly accommodates the belling tip. There is a design etched in silver along its length, like growing ivy.

School Uniform: His normal uniform is practically identical to his current one in his world, minus the emblem. It consists of an off white blazer, and a pair of black casual pants. Normally, third years also had to wear a dark green jabot, but since he never did anyways, it’s not included in his one now. He almost always wears the blazer open, showing whatever tee shirt he happens to be wearing at the time.

His combat uniform is very similar to his normal one, but the blazers’ hemming is silver instead of the usual off white. The collar dons the ivy pattern on his sheath, and a guard appears on his right shoulder, again keeping in the silver ivy theme. His sword and sheath tuck neatly into a black belt made specifically for this purpose.

History: Kazuki had a simple, uneventful childhood. His parents were kind to him, and his big brother was good as well. He always had plenty of friends, rarely missed school, and was average at his studies. It wasn’t until middle school that he discovered the trumpet, and began to act on his talent. He decided to quit track and field to do so, which caused some animosity between him and an old friend, but it was eventually resolved before that friend moved away.

Because of the trumpet, Kazuki aimed high in choosing a high school, and wanted to enroll in Seisou Academy. It was well known for its music department, in fact, half of the school was dedicated entirely for kids with musical talent. The other half was for “gen ed” students, who were generally looked down upon by music school students.

His first friend there was Azuma Yunoki, whom he originally mistook for an upperclassman due to his composed nature. Their personalities are polar opposites; Kazuki is generally friendly to everyone, while Azuma fakes politeness and actually dislikes nearly everyone around him. Other than the fact that they met briefly on the first day of school, it’s unknown as to how or why they have stayed friends up into their third year. It’s also not known if weather or not Kazuki knows about Azuma’s darker side.

While his first two years of school were normal, in his final year, Kazuki was chosen to be a participant in the concours, a musical competition between the best students in the school. With him participated Azuma, of course, Len Tsukimori, Keiichi Shimizu Shoko Fuuyumi, and a mysterious last minute addition from the gen ed department, Kahoko Hino. Unbeknownst to him, she had received a magical violin from a music fairy living on the campus which she was using to compete with, but that’s not part of his story, so I won’t delve into it. After the second round, another gen ed student, Ryotaro Tsuchiura joined as well. He’d like to think he’s friends with all of them, except maybe Len, but he’s just an ass to everyone.

Kazuki was never particularly interested in the competition, but enjoyed playing regardless. After the first round, he developed a crush on Kahoko, although he didn’t really realize it until after the second. The bandage in his scorebook was from her, after she saw he had scraped his arm while playing basketball.